Aging in Place Home Assessment for Stair Lift Selection

When considering the purchase of a stair lift, which is best, a curved or straight stair lift? Using an aging in place home assessment, the homeowner needs to determine which lift best matches the abilities of the user as well as the stairs upon which they are to be installed.

A straight stair lift is installed on straight, regular rise stair tracks that ascend from one floor to another in a straight line. The user must be able to get in and out of the chair.

A curved or custom built stair lift is one that ascends along irregularly patterned steps, or on a circular staircase. As with the straight lift, the user must be able to get situated safely in the seat of the lift.

Bruno straight stair lift for the Atlanta or north Georgia home

Bruno straight stair lift for the Atlanta or north Georgia home

A double installation straight stair lift is a series of lifts that travel up more elaborate staircases that have a landing between the levels. This installation feature requires the user to be able safely to transfer from the first to the second stair lift. While perhaps difficult to believe, this is typically a more economical choice than a curved or custom stair lift.

If you are trying to decide whether a curved or straight stair lift meets your mobility, structural and financial abilities, look into getting an aging in place home assessment today by telephoning Stair Lifts Atlanta at 770-880-3405.


atlanta-home-modifications-handicap-ramps-showers-stair-lifts2.jpg Image via

More and more people are choosing to age in placerather than move to an assisted living community in Metro Atlanta. Converting your house to one which is safe and accessible can be time consuming, but there are many options available which will make a significant difference.  The first place to start is to have an aging in place home assessment to assist with stair lift, ramp or other mobility equipment selection.

Accessibility Home Modifications Checklist
The NAHBchecklist is a guide to assist in helping metro Atlanta home owners determine the appropriate aging in place home modifications needed for mobility at home for them self or a loved ones. Whatever the reason for a lack of mobility, this checklist will aid in selecting needed home modifications. One of the checklist questions is, “To age-in-place, you will probably need to modify your house as you mature to…

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