Aging in Place Home Assessment for Stair Lift Selection

When considering the purchase of a stair lift, which is best, a curved or straight stair lift? Using an aging in place home assessment, the homeowner needs to determine which lift best matches the abilities of the user as well as the stairs upon which they are to be installed.

A straight stair lift is installed on straight, regular rise stair tracks that ascend from one floor to another in a straight line. The user must be able to get in and out of the chair.

A curved or custom built stair lift is one that ascends along irregularly patterned steps, or on a circular staircase. As with the straight lift, the user must be able to get situated safely in the seat of the lift.

Bruno straight stair lift for the Atlanta or north Georgia home

Bruno straight stair lift for the Atlanta or north Georgia home

A double installation straight stair lift is a series of lifts that travel up more elaborate staircases that have a landing between the levels. This installation feature requires the user to be able safely to transfer from the first to the second stair lift. While perhaps difficult to believe, this is typically a more economical choice than a curved or custom stair lift.

If you are trying to decide whether a curved or straight stair lift meets your mobility, structural and financial abilities, look into getting an aging in place home assessment today by telephoning Stair Lifts Atlanta at 770-880-3405.


atlanta-home-modifications-handicap-ramps-showers-stair-lifts2.jpg Image via

More and more people are choosing to age in placerather than move to an assisted living community in Metro Atlanta. Converting your house to one which is safe and accessible can be time consuming, but there are many options available which will make a significant difference.  The first place to start is to have an aging in place home assessment to assist with stair lift, ramp or other mobility equipment selection.

Accessibility Home Modifications Checklist
The NAHBchecklist is a guide to assist in helping metro Atlanta home owners determine the appropriate aging in place home modifications needed for mobility at home for them self or a loved ones. Whatever the reason for a lack of mobility, this checklist will aid in selecting needed home modifications. One of the checklist questions is, “To age-in-place, you will probably need to modify your house as you mature to…

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Best Aging-in-Place Upgrades for the Bathroom

Best aging in place upgrades for the  bathroom

Healthcraft Dependa Bar

Planning to remodel a bathroom for accessibility to add aging-in-place upgrades for the bathroom? Here are a few pointers reflecting the latest ADA bath fixture regulations that may offer details and information to help guide your plans.

Grab Bars
Grab bar design
has improved in the last few years—you can now purchase bars from a wide array of styles, sizes and finishes.  If a friend or loved one is struggling with mobility in the bathroom, consider adding grab bars as one of your first aging-in-place upgrades for the bathroom. Stationary grab bars are permanently mounted to the wall or floor. Fold-up grab bars adjacent to the toilet rotate to pivot out of the way when not in use. Shower grab bars are located vertically or horizontally on one of the side walls to assist with getting in the shower, and then horizontally along the back wall for balance and support. Visit the Grab Bars page to learn more about grab bars for showers and bathrooms.

Spacious Bathroom Marietta, Lawrenceville, Atlanta aging in place

Spacious Accessible Bathroom

Roll-under and Wall Mounted Sinks
Roll-under and wall-mounted sink styles offer the greatest accessibility. Accessible sink fixtures have an easy-to-operate lever style handle that mixes hot and cold water, or two lever handles, according to your preference.  One popular roll-under sink solution is a semi-mount sink, placed with a cover to protect legs from hot pipes. Bathroom sinks are identified by how they are mounted. In addition to wall-mounted and semi-mounted sinks, there are also drop-in, under-counter, above-counter, integral and pedestal style sinks for your consideration, designed according to ADA guidelines, and essential elements in a universal design home.

Accessible Toilets
Toilet selection is dependent on the height that is desired for comfort, type of the toilet and the flushing action. Easy transfer toilets are available in three types: a raised-height toilet, a wall-hung toilet, or an in-wall tank toilet.

Doorway Widening
Doorway widening to 34” – 36” can be accomplished by removing the existing door unit, widening the framed opening, and installing a new wider door unit, often with an out-swinging door. A swing away offset door hinge is also an option which will increase the door width by 1.75″, often enough to provide the necessary width for a wheelchair or walker to pass through the doorway.

For more information about walk-in tubs, roll-in showers or other aging-in-place upgrades for the bathroom, visit our “Walk-In Tubs, Roll-In Showerspage at If you are interested in learning about stair lifts for the accessible home, visit the Atlanta Stair Lift site.

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Aging in Place Upgrades for the Kitchen in Your Metro Atlanta Home

Facing some mobility challenges due to an accident or an illness and having difficulty managing in the kitchen? There are many helpful changes you can make to the kitchen area in your metro Atlanta home to facilitate cooking, dining and cleanup. Your handicap accessible kitchen can become everything you need it to be!


Generally, your accessible kitchen design should include ample floor space for mobility, ADA handicap accessible kitchen appliance access clearances, accessible cabinet doors, drawers and shelves; and a functional “work triangle”. The work triangle refers to the comfortable work space area created between the stove, the refrigerator, and the sink.  The sides of the triangle should be greater than four feet and under nine feet, with the outer limits of the triangle at a maximum of 26 feet.

DCF 1.0

A happy birthday celebration in our Atlanta home.

Make an appointment with Atlanta Home Modifications for an in-home consultation to discuss how we may assist you in gaining a more pleasant and accessible home, or in the event you have a disabled or senior family member in your care. There are many aging in place upgrades that can be done to make your home more accessible, such as wheelchair accessible sinks with lever faucets, and ADA ovens and appliances. (*Photos courtesy of

Call 770.880.3405 to discuss design options for ADA handicap accessible kitchen remodeling.

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Time to Make Aging in Place Home Modifications at Your Atlanta Home?

How do you know the right time to consider making aging in place home modifications at your Atlanta home? Coast Views Magazine says, “The reading glasses, the increased visits to the dentist, the additional medications, the switch from racquetball to golf — these are all indicators that our bodies are changing with age. To adapt to this aging, one thing we need to consider is the type of care we wish to receive — and the setting in which we get that care — should something happen to us.”

Many Atlanta residents would prefer to stay in their homes as long as possible, possibly with the assistance of an in-home caregiver.  What are some of the aging in place features that will make your home livable long term? They may include a stair lift or ramp installation, widening of hallways and doorways, an addition to add accessible bed and bath to the first floor, and a zero-step barrier free entry area., A&A Design Build Remode..., A&A Design Build Remodeling, Master Bathroom, Washington DC, Chevy Chase, Bethesda, Germantown, Corner Shower, Aging in Place (Photo credit: A&A Design Build Remodeling, Inc.)

For information about aging in place modifications such as a stair lift, contact the experts at Stair Lifts Atlanta. We will visit your home, evaluate your situation, and provide pricing and lift availability information. We will assist you in making the best decision for you and your loved ones.

We specialize in disability equipment; stair lifts, platform lifts and residential elevators; and assistive technology. Working in association with Atlanta Home Modifications, our stair lift expert is fully certified by the State of Georgia, as required by law. Contact us today at 770.880.3405.

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Aging In Place Design is For Everyone!

Is your home designed to last you for your lifetime? Consider the benefit of planning ahead to give your home a flexibility and spaciousness that it may not presently have — a home that has “aging in place” features from the front door all the way out to the aging in place landscaped garden.

Aging in place design allows you to  “… call a house a ‘home’ for a lifetime.” Quoted from the NAHB website to communicate that the home designed for aging in place, is also just right for people in every phase of life.

From the visiting Grandma, to the new mom with a baby, these “aging in place” features make a home accessible and livable for every family member and visitor to the home:

  • Wide doorways and hallways
  • One entrance with no step
  • Bathroom with grab bars and accessible shower
  • Lever handles on doors and faucets
  • Rocker panel light switches
  • Remote lock and unlocking door hardware

Atlanta Home Modifications, LLC is a north Georgia handicap accessibility design, installation and renovation company. We provide ADA home disability remodeling and assistive technology for people of all ages with disabilities; individuals recovering from accidents; and people who are seeking to “age in place” at home. Contact us today by telephone at 770.880.3405.

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Atlanta Walk-In Tub or Roll-In Shower Design

Are you interested in walk-in tub or roll-in shower design for your Atlanta home? Many aging-in-place homeowners are looking towards the future and realizing that bathroom renovations may be needed! Other home modifications such as a small ramp, or an indoor or outdoor straight or curved stairlift may be considerations, as well, if you, or a loved one is facing a progressive illness or recent injury.

Plan Ahead to Make the Changes You Need
If you or a loved one has a home in need of mobility upgrades, contact the professionals at Atlanta Home Modifications to learn more about residential wheelchair lifts and other helpful changes by using the Atlanta Home Modifications web contact form, or by calling 770-880-3405.

Sterling Handicare 2000 Curved Stairlift Atlanta Stairlifts

Sterling Handicare 2000 Curved Stairlift Atlanta Stairlifts

Don’t let mobility issues force you out of your treasured family home, contact Atlanta Home Modifications to see if an outdoor straight or curved stairlift; or walk-in tub or roll-in shower design for your Atlanta home, would solve the accessibility problems you may be facing.

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Shopping for a Straight or Curved Stair Lift in Atlanta

Have you begun the process of shopping for a curved or straight stair lift for your Atlanta area home? For many people that have experienced an accident and are returning home from rehab, or individuals suffering from a progressive illness – the installation of a stair lift proves to be the solution to significant accessibility issues in the home. If you have questions about how to proceedStair Lifts Atlanta  has the answers you are looking for!

The first question that is typically asked when consulting with a certified Georgia stair lift expert is, “Do I need a curved or a straight stair lift? For homes with a stair that has a landing in the middle, you will need a curved stair lift. If your stair is straight from one floor to the next, with all of the stairs being essentially the same depth, you are shopping for a straight stair lift. If you need a stair lift or chair lift that can carry a wheelchair or scooter, you will need a platform lift.

Sterling 2000 Curved Stair Lifts AtlantaAre you looking for more information about a straight or curved stair lift for your Atlanta area homeAtlanta Home Modifications will provide you with fast answers for all of your straight and curved stairlift questions.

Contact Stair Lifts Atlanta at 770.880.3405 today. We offer complementary in-home evaluation appointment with a fully insured State of Georgia certified stair lift expert to visit and establish your needs, and the best solution for your home. You may also contact us through the Atlanta Home Modifications website.

As aging in place and universal design experts, we offer complete accessibility and disability home modifications in the and Metro Atlanta and North Georgia area, including Clarkston, Cleveland, Commerce, Stone Mountain, Conyers, Smyrna, Covington, Lawrenceville, Lilburn, Lithonia, Cumming, Dacula, Dahlonega, Dalton, Decatur, Duluth, East Point, and Fairburn; in Georgia and South Carolina. Stair Lifts Atlanta experts will give you fast answers for all of your straight and curved stairlift questions.

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